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Horninghold: Extract from 'The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names'

Horninghold Le [Horniwale D.B., Horninvald 1106-23 (1333) Ch., Horningewald 1163 P]

The WALD or woodland of the Horninglas.

Horninghold is in a winding valley +++ and Horningas may be "the dwellers in the Horna or bend" Cf. Horn.


D.B., Domesday Book. London 1785-1816. This reference also includes the Exon Domesday. The date of both is 1086.

Ch., Charter Rolls

P., Pipe Rolls.

Cf. Horn, Old English 'Horn' was used in various transferred senses such as horn-like projection, gable [with horn-like ornament] and the like. German 'Horn' is also used of a spit of land or a peak. These senses are to be reckoned with also for English 'horn'. Old English 'Horna' may have had the same senses as 'Horn' but it seems also to have been used in the same senses as hyrne - a corner or bend.